My Top Tips on Make up for Mature Skin

My skin has changed significantly since my 20’s! And I’ll bet yours has too? (Obviously I’m just in my 30s cough cough)

With these changes in mind, I’ve changed my make up routine, products, and skincare. Everything I thought I knew has changed.

I want to talk to you about makeup for mature skin, by your 40’s your skin will completely transform and you need to change things to bring out the best in you now.

Caring for mature skin is all about hydration, think hydrating products, using liquids or cream make up instead of powders, and using minimal amounts of products just to hide what we need without looking like you’re wearing a mask of make up.

Pre Make Up

Before you put any make-up on focus your skin prep, use products with lots of moisture in them. I love the vitamin cream by Bobbi Brown and illamasqua hydra veil primer which offers a really cool hydration to the skin, both products help with the foundation that you put over the top.

Use eye masks to plump the lines around the eyes, so they are less visible and makeup doesn’t sit in them, they will also help with dark circles (for that lack of sleep that seems to hit in the 40s).

Use eye cream to hydrate, helping the eye area look more youthful.



When it comes to foundation less is more, dewy finishes are more flattering, liquids replace powders for light, luminous and dewy look. As we age, the skin thins and shows discolouration, broken veins, pigmentation and redness. These things happen to us unfortunately, but good foundation, applied well and not too heavily will help to take attention away from them.

I like to use a brush to put foundation on, and then a damn beauty blender type sponge to push the foundation into the skin for longevity and to cover the bits I don’t like.

Try using a foundation a shade warmer than your skin tone, this helps so you don’t look washed out which with a close match can do this, but also not too dark so that you see the foundation or that line around your neck. Matte is no longer for you.

Colour correction helps hide imperfections. Use a brush to apply and work around the edges, don’t wipe the make up that you’ve just spent time putting on.

Only use powder where necessary as it will sit in the lines and make your skin look older. I love Laura Mercier powder, the translucent loose powder is award-winning and for good reason; it’s a buttery soft powder that doesn’t change the look of the foundation or the colour, and you only need a small amount.



When it comes to eyes, draw attention to what you want people to see.  To brighten the eyes add small lashes, the little cluster ones look amazing. This is important because lashes tend to thin out as we age. Brow pencils help fill any gaps and frame the eye area. Use light and shimmery tones on the eye lids, so that they don’t recede, we want to bring out the eyes. Curl lashes to add definition. Apply a good primer mascara, use black or dark brown.

When it comes to eyeliner, stay away from dramatic lines, apply a gel pencil in a tight line to the lash. It’s subtle but you will notice the difference without overwhelming the area. This also helps thicken the lashes.

A really fast and effective way to restore youthful radiance is to use a bronzer and blush in your skin’s true tones. This offers subtle warmth, returning radiance to mature complexion. Blend the colour upwards on higher sections of the cheekbone so as not to draw down and also, especially with bronzer,  avoid the contoured look as that will hollow the face.


Use lipsticks with warm undertones like oranges peaches and corals. Avoid a cool tones i.e. plums and purples. Blue undertones can make skin look dull so avoid this to make your skin seem brighter.

If in doubt – ASK ME

If this all seems a little overwhelming, feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll help you and explain what I mean also, I offer Makeup lessons, so if you feel like your make up needs a little overhaul  we can go through the make up you have and I can suggest products to help you and show you how to apply them.