My Top Tips for Combating Redness

Red skin can be a pain for many reasons, here’s my advice for identifying the problem, treating the symptoms and minimising the appearance of redness on your skin.


Firstly, here are some basic steps you can take to deal with redness:

  1. Talk to a dermatologist or seek help from a beauty therapist who will assess the cause of the redness. It could be rosacea which you can get help with from your doctor.
  1. Identify triggers such as alcohol or spicy food. If you know the triggers you can avoid them to help lessen the redness. The weather can also have a massive impact on redness, hot and cold temperatures can impact it, so be mindful of that.
  1. Use the correct skincare to help the skin barrier.
  1. Never skip SPF, even in the winter months, I can’t stress this enough…it’s REALLY important.



Looking for more in-depth advice? Let’s get into it…

When applying make-up don’t overwork the face, pat products in rather than rub them which can make the skin redder. Try sponges (damp) to work the products in and help soothe the skin at the same time, this will help comfort red, angry skin.

Have you heard of Green Primer? It is a must-have to cover redness. It works so well because green is opposite to red on the colour wheel.

Start your makeup routine by applying green concealer to the red areas you want to cover. The rule here is a little to cover a lot. Work in thin layers you’re just counteracting the redness not covering it. We do not want to channel our inner Hulk. On fair skin opt for a pale mint green on slightly darker skin find a darker green.

Elf Cosmetics does a well-priced prima, also check out Dr Jart + and Rosalique – all great products, it just comes down to personal preference so have a play.

Next, find a buildable foundation this will cover the green concealer but not look like you’re masking something. You can add additional layers of foundation if you prefer more coverage.

Then apply concealer over the top, colour match this to your skin tone this will help hide anything that is not completely covered by the foundation. I love Nars Foundation and Urban Decay setting spray. 

I prefer to conceal after as then you’re not wasting product if your foundation has done most of the work for you. Don’t over blend this as you will remove all your hard work. Just blend the outside edges of the concealer with your damp sponge or brush.

My favourite concealers are NARS creamy concealer and Tarte-shape tape.

Next, use a setting powder. I love Laura Mercier Translucent loose powder. It won’t change the colour of your base and it’s buttery soft powder.

Use a powder blusher instead of a cream one just so you don’t overwork the area that you’ve spent time making flawless. Opt for a coral or peach tone instead of pinks and reds. Or even a bronzer if you prefer that look. I love Orgasm by Nars and MAC Coppertone.

Finish with a hydrating setting spray this will feel lovely if the skin is a little warm after applying the make-up, and can be reapplied during the day if you need cooling down.

If you feel the heat on your face during the day, a cooling spray like Caudalie Grape Water Hydrating Face Mist will help cool the skin without affecting your make-up.

Give these tips a go, and any questions just pop me a message.